13 Days of Violence

The Overart brought together an interdisciplinary exhibition consisting of 13 international artists who visualized and brought to light invisible forms of violence against women.

Raising awareness on the multiple, sometime invisible forms, of violence against women. With a selection of 13 artists of different disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities, we made a collective show where we uncovered the microviolences that sometimes go unnoticed, due to tradition, rape culture or convention. Stating with sexism in language, the glass ceiling, female genital mutilation, obstetric violence, domestic violence or the hidden wounds of abuse. Through the work of 13 artists this project mobilized a bigger crowd as it opened the floor to questions, analysis and debate.  In addition, we introduced the NGO Party With Consent, developing a session on consent and the blurry lines that need to be learnt from early age.


Ana Alvarez Erracalde 

Eliza Bennett 

Arvida Byström




Courtney Dudley 



Miguel Olivares 

Renzo Perez Acosta 

Gwen Shockey 

Sergio Villalba 

© 2015 by The OverArt

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