Don Quixote And His Delusions

The Overart's commissioned mural at Real Club de Polo, where artists Skount, Laguna and Emilio Cerezo engaged in transmitting Don Quixote's delusions to celebrate Cervante’s epic novel on its 400 year anniversary,  coinciding with the for CSIO championship in Barcelona this summer.


‘Don Quijote And His Delusions’ graciously combines the three artists’ styles and personalities under the curation of Sara Catalán, and portrays Don Quixote’s delusions as described in the  “Don Quixote of La Mancha”.


The commission involved developing a composition that would promote the figure of the horse within a cultural context, and draw a connection between the plastic representation of horses throughout the history of art, and the love for the animal itself.


The artists Skount, Laguna and Emilio Cerezo worked together interlacing their styles as homage to Spanish art and literature.


Their three styles melt into a solid composition in celebration of the legacy of Spanish Art in this new generation of talent; Laguna’s oneiric figures stem from the heritage of a Dalinian influence that has shaped in our cultural cognizance a world of distorted animals and artifacts.


Skount’s stately characters evoke the majestic allure of Velazquez’s portraiture while adding a vibrant color scheme and a very unique technique that indubitably place them in the contemporary artistic context.


Emilio Cerezo’s almost sculptural use of paint brings a carnal quality to the composition that stems from a Goyesque influence, bringing the mural to dramatist realism upon the horse’s physique that the audience – the equestrian elite and subsequent visitors to the arena - will surely value; In the end, the horse is the main character of the mural and the event.


The mural measuring 4x38 metres is now on permanent display on the club's training field and is open to all visitors.


Photos credits @Skount