Women To The Front 

Volume I

"Women To The Front" is an immersive experience of music, art, video and performance to celebrate and showcase women in the art world. Due to the impending need of shattering the glass ceiling that still today creates an unbalanced display of genders in art institutions, we are raising our voices to equalize this proportion. Through art and music we build space to inspire and empower new female-identified generations and anyone who enjoys good art! 

Curated by 
Zoe Croci @zoemap | www.zoemap.com
Sara Catalán @the_overart | www.theoverart.com 

Lauren YS
Mina Hamada
Orne Cabrita ocabrita.com
Yapci Ramos
Daniela Yohannes
Amaia Arrazola
Amanda Justice
Just Call Me KEEBS
Nae Howard
Irem Can Harnak
Gigi Bio
Michelle Layne Lawson
Margot Terc margot-terc.com
María Fernanda Lara Chamorro
Amanda Picotte
Yeimi Salazar
Hannah Rayne
Natasha Vikhliaeva
Kesha Bruce
Pao Delfin
Lavinia Casaburo
Nina Gilden ninagilden.weebly.com

Terry Lovette

Brina Payne
Sunny Cheeba uvs.fm
Rogue Got-Soul
DJ Lobotomy Copter

***Special Premiere of "Dumb Dumb" Music Video featuring talented rapperCipherella directed by Zoe map

Artsy Vendors 
Live Art

Complimentary drinks +++

About Superchief Gallery:

Superchief Gallery NY is now a Community Center! 
Visit www.SuperchiefArtsClub.com for more information, to become a member or volunteer your time.

Superchief Gallery, located in Ridgewood Queens & Downtown Los Angeles was founded in 2012 by William Dunleavy and Edward Zipco.

© 2015 by The OverArt

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