Siren Islands by Arooj Aftab 

Curated the cover of Arooj Aftab's new album 'Siren Islands'. 

Siren Islands is a raw collection of ambient, experimental electronic music, carrying strong themes of female empowerment, and taking inspiration from the mythology of Sirenum Scopuli. While working on the project, Aftab spent many winter nights in a very deep musical meditation, experimenting with analog synthesizers, loop pedals, electric guitar, and her own deeply enchanting voice. It is an immersive work filled with "spiraling soundscapes for lo-fi dreaming." 

Written and performed by Aftab alone, each track is recorded live and tracked to a single mono input, creating an intimate world that is difficult to escape, balanced between the ancient and contemporary. 


from distant waters, from parallel worlds, 
concealed by the drifting mists of floating islands 
come the siren songs 
beckoning the spirit to submerge and submit

Analog synthesizers, loop pedals, delays and reverbs, voice and electric guitar. Each track is recorded live and tracked to a single mono input. 

Written and performed by Arooj Aftab 
Mixed and mastered by Damon Whittemore 
Artwork "Miss Rockaway" courtesy of Swoon Studio 
Liner notes by Radhika Singh

© 2015 by The OverArt

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