'Vuelta A Casa: Wynwood' 

This is an ongoing project born from the desire to showcase the names and work of all the muralists that have created the Wynwood phenomenon. This growing and rapidly gentrifying neighborhood has been the home of many artists during the last decade - year after year we met, we lived in the neighborhood, became close with the community and mural after mural made history. In consonance with our local friends, everyone dropped their magic to create a landscape of outdoors free art. Today, real estate, commercial brands and media are disrupting the magic and taking over the co-creation that defined it's dynamic. We aim to salvage the memory of it's best years and credit all the artists that have participated in the making of Wynwood. 


Madrid will host the opening of our festival 'Vuelta a Casa', around the Wynwood phenomenon, with artists like Dourone, Bikismo, Felipe Pantone, Don Rimx, Amaia Arrazola, Kram, Robert de los Ríos, Bali Green andTxemy.


Many many artists' work appears indirectly since the neighborhood is filled with murals. If you see your work holla and we'll credit you. 



Tost Films, Delabrave, Shayna Batya, Mirella Moschella, Spoke, Diana Larrea, Bali Green ...



Don Rimx, Felipe Pantone, Kram, Bikismo, Dourone, Pez, Slomo, Irene López,  Uriginal, Entes, Pésimo, El Xupet Negre, Bustard, Trek6,  Deih, Spear Torres, Golden 350, Carlitos Skill, Oz montania, Coes, Caribes tribu,  Los CMS,  Alexis Dias,  Mina Hamada, Zosen Bandido, Nove, Twoone, Gustavo Amaral, Evoca, 

Fatih47, Paola Delfín, Amaia Arrazola, Kenny Scharf, Saile, Sego, Saner, Vhils, Martha Cooper, Shepard Farey, Kobra, Gaia, Graffmapping, Lauro Samblás, Murone, Txemy ...


Thank you to Art Company, B The Travel, Bali Green, The Over for the support. 


Photo: Diana Larrea @parcialmentenublada

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